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Red hair day in the Netherlands

Redheads, i.e. individuals with red hair color, come about primarily from being homozygotes (or compound heterozygotes) at the following three MC1R gene SNPs:

  • rs1805009, known as Asp294His or D294H; a variant associated with red hair and poor tanning ability in one study [PMID 7581459]
  • rs1805007, known as Arg151Cys or R151C; associated with red hair, and in redheaded females, linked to being more responsive to the anesthetics pentazocine, nalbuphine, and butorphanol, often used by dentists [PMID 9571181, PMID 12663858]
  • rs1805008, known as Arg160Trp or R160W; associated with red hair in an Irish population [PMID 9665397]

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