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Find a genetic counselor

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Several health-care providers and government agencies recommend that individuals with interest in, or information from, their own DNA know how to find a genetic counselor or equivalent health-care professional to discuss their interests and/or data. One way to find such a professional is to ask a current health-care professional for a referral. Another method is to use any of the following resources to locate a professional near you.

United States & Canada[edit]

Wondering what genetic counseling is about? The American Board of Genetic Counseling has prepared this brochure: A Guide to Genetic Counseling.

To Find a Genetic Counselor: head to this page on the National Society of Genetic Counselors website. We recommend selecting "Personalized Genomic Medicine" in the 'Types of Specialization' window.

If you are in the US and would like a referral to one of the NSGC-certified genetic counselors known to provide telecounseling and be familiar with Promethease reports, please email us, indicating what state you live in, the general nature of any medical issue or concern, and providing your contact information. Based on that information, we (SNPedia/Promethease) will pass your information on to an appropriate counselor who will then contact you to discuss their services. We do not charge for this nor do we receive renumeration from any counselors.

Australia & New Zealand[edit]

To Find a Genetic Counselor: head to this page on the Australasian Society of Genetic Counselors website.

Other Regions[edit]

Know of a medically accredited national society or professional organization for a country or region not listed here? Let us know by emailing info@snpedia.com.