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Promethease/Multiple Files

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A comparison of 2 people's genotypes at a particular SNP

Promethease allows you to upload multiple files. If all the files are from the same person, the genotypes will be pooled and any 'conflicts' between the different sources will be highlighted in the report.

When you upload multiple people you are not making multiple reports, you are making a single report about a single person. However Promethease will show the genotypes of other people so that you can compare them. Click on the the image to the right to see a detailed view.

"Individual #1" is the first genome loaded, and the Promethease report is about this person. "Individual #2" is the second genome loaded, which can be compared to the first. Additional genomes will be displayed below "Individual #2".

A sample report for Lilly Mendel with her husband Greg used for comparison is visible at https://files.snpedia.com/reports/promethease_data/promethease_Lilly_compare_to_Greg_ui2.html

Note that in rs6983267 you can see that they are both (G;G), while in rs3738579 she's a (T;T) while he's a (C;C)

If that is of interest, note that it is not currently possible to generate such a report from previously uploaded data mixed with new data. All files need to be uploaded during the same session.