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Make rs7901695(C;C)
Make rs7901695(C;T)
Make rs7901695(T;T)
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/142
is asnp
is mentioned by
dbSNP (classic)rs7901695
1000 genomesrs7901695
GWAS Ctlgrs7901695
Max Magnitude0
? (C;C) (C;T) (T;T) 28

[PMID 17668382OA-icon.png] implicated in type-2 diabetes according to this Gene Sherpas post

Extensive blog post theorizing this snp may activate a cryptic exon.

[PMID 19056611OA-icon.png] Adiposity-related heterogeneity in patterns of type 2 diabetes susceptibility observed in genome-wide association data

GWAS snp
PMID [PMID 17463249OA-icon.png]
Trait Type 2 diabetes
Title Replication of genome-wide association signals in UK samples reveals risk loci for type 2 diabetes
Risk Allele C
P-val 9.9999999999999997E-49
Odds Ratio 1.37 [1.31-1.43]
GWAS snp
PMID [PMID 21347282OA-icon.png]
Title Genome-Wide Association Study of Coronary Heart Disease and Its Risk Factors in 8,090 African Americans: The NHLBI CARe Project
Risk Allele
P-val 0.000001
Odds Ratio 1.1900 [1.11-1.28]

[PMID 22402060OA-icon.png] Functional analysis of TCF7L2 genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes

[PMID 22441719] Stronger Association of Common Variants in TCF7L2 Gene with Nonobese Type 2 Diabetes in the Latvian Population

[PMID 22584884] The Effect of Type 2 Diabetes Risk Loci on Insulin Requirements in Type 1 Diabetes

[PMID 15047616] A role for the malonyl-CoA/long-chain acyl-CoA pathway of lipid signaling in the regulation of insulin secretion in response to both fuel and nonfuel stimuli

[PMID 16936218] Polymorphisms in the transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene are associated with type 2 diabetes in the Amish: replication and evidence for a role in both insulin secretion and insulin resistance.

[PMID 17245407] TCF7L2 polymorphisms are associated with type 2 diabetes in northern Sweden.

[PMID 17245589] A genetic variation of the transcription factor 7-like 2 gene is associated with risk of type 2 diabetes in the Japanese population.

[PMID 17311858] TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms confer an increased risk for early impairment of glucose metabolism and increased height in obese children.

[PMID 17340123] Replication study for the association of TCF7L2 with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in a Japanese population.

[PMID 17601994] Variants of the transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene are associated with type 2 diabetes in an African-American population enriched for nephropathy.

[PMID 17661009OA-icon.png] Impaired glucagon-like peptide-1-induced insulin secretion in carriers of transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene polymorphisms.

[PMID 17786212OA-icon.png] Heterogeneity in meta-analyses of genome-wide association investigations.

[PMID 17934151] A variant of the transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene and the risk of posttransplantation diabetes mellitus in renal allograft recipients.

[PMID 17971425OA-icon.png] Association of TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms with reduced acute insulin response in Hispanic Americans.

[PMID 18268068OA-icon.png] Variation in TCF7L2 and increased risk of colon cancer: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study.

[PMID 18291022OA-icon.png] Common variants of the TCF7L2 gene are associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus in a UK-resident South Asian population.

[PMID 18437354OA-icon.png] TCF7L2 single nucleotide polymorphisms, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study.

[PMID 18469204OA-icon.png] Implication of genetic variants near TCF7L2, SLC30A8, HHEX, CDKAL1, CDKN2A/B, IGF2BP2, and FTO in type 2 diabetes and obesity in 6,719 Asians.

[PMID 18533027OA-icon.png] Worldwide population differentiation at disease-associated SNPs.

[PMID 18591388OA-icon.png] Assessing the combined impact of 18 common genetic variants of modest effect sizes on type 2 diabetes risk.

[PMID 18650481OA-icon.png] TCF7L2 variants associate with CKD progression and renal function in population-based cohorts.

[PMID 18655717OA-icon.png] Weak or no association of TCF7L2 variants with Type 2 diabetes risk in an Arab population.

[PMID 18712344] Association of variants of the TCF7L2 gene with increases in the risk of type 2 diabetes and the proinsulin:insulin ratio in the Spanish population.

[PMID 18780302OA-icon.png] Association studies of 22 candidate SNPs with late-onset Alzheimer's disease.

[PMID 19050058OA-icon.png] Single nucleotide transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene polymorphisms in antiislet autoantibody-negative patients at onset of diabetes.

[PMID 19053027] Loci of TCF7L2, HHEX and IDE on chromosome 10q and the susceptibility of their genetic polymorphisms to type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 19096518OA-icon.png] Novel association of HK1 with glycated hemoglobin in a non-diabetic population: a genome-wide evaluation of 14,618 participants in the Women's Genome Health Study.

[PMID 19161620OA-icon.png] An open access database of genome-wide association results.

[PMID 19207020OA-icon.png] Meta-analysis in genome-wide association studies.

[PMID 19228405OA-icon.png] Association between TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus: a large Human Genome Epidemiology (HuGE) review and meta-analysis.

[PMID 19323962OA-icon.png] Genome-wide association studies in type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 19463184OA-icon.png] Worldwide patterns of haplotype diversity at 9p21.3, a locus associated with type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

[PMID 19526209OA-icon.png] Is the thrifty genotype hypothesis supported by evidence based on confirmed type 2 diabetes- and obesity-susceptibility variants?

[PMID 19602701OA-icon.png] Underlying genetic models of inheritance in established type 2 diabetes associations.

[PMID 19750184OA-icon.png] Genome-wide association studies for atherosclerotic vascular disease and its risk factors.

[PMID 19913122OA-icon.png] ATRIUM: testing untyped SNPs in case-control association studies with related individuals.

[PMID 19924244OA-icon.png] TCF7L2 polymorphism rs7903146 is associated with coronary artery disease severity and mortality.

[PMID 19931040OA-icon.png] Simultaneous genotype calling and haplotype phasing improves genotype accuracy and reduces false-positive associations for genome-wide association studies.

[PMID 20017978OA-icon.png] Influence of control selection in genome-wide association studies: the example of diabetes in the Framingham Heart Study.

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[PMID 20144327OA-icon.png] A genomics study of type 2 diabetes mellitus in U.S. Air Force personnel.

[PMID 21159844] Variants and haplotypes of TCF7L2 are associated with beta-cell function in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: the Verona Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Study (VNDS) 1.

[PMID 21278902OA-icon.png] Genetic risk profiling for prediction of type 2 diabetes.

[PMID 21672010OA-icon.png] Gestational diabetes mellitus is associated with TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms independent of HLA-DQB1*0602 genotypes and islet cell autoantibodies.

[PMID 21898192] Worldwide distribution of type II diabetes-associated TCF7L2 SNPs: evidence for stratification in Europe.

[PMID 22377712] Association between type 2 diabetes genetic susceptibility loci and visceral and subcutaneous fat area as determined by computed tomography.

[PMID 23188737] TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes risk: a comprehensive and updated meta-analysis involving 121,174 subjects

[PMID 22480428] T2D risk haplotypes of the TCF7L2 gene in the Czech population sample: the association with free fatty acids composition.

[PMID 22843023] TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes: association with diabetic retinopathy and cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy.

[PMID 23107111] Transcription factor-7-like 2 gene variants are strongly associated with type 2 diabetes in Lebanese subjects.

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[PMID 30858716OA-icon.png] Interaction between dietary patterns and TCF7L2 polymorphisms on type 2 diabetes mellitus among Uyghur adults in Xinjiang Province, China.