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I don't have access to the 23andme page so I cannot confirm whether it is true that I3000001 references rs332. But if it does, it does *not* test for CF. rs332 is not the dF508 mutation that causes CF in homozygotes.

I'm not sure what to do about this entry.

I thought i3000001 was the test for delta f508 cystic fibrosis. This should be a significant result!
DD's will have CF, and those with one D will be carriers!
And now that we have some clarity on the issue, the high magnitude genotypes are correctly marked. To clarify how we got here, in August of 2006 I introduced rs332. This snp is 1 position away from the delta f508 snp. When 23andMe put it on their microarray they used an internal identifier of I3000001. In May of 2010 User:Lennon submitted it to dbSNP and in Jan 2011 rs113993960 was introduced.