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Summary Visualized family snps; whole family 23andMe genotypes
Promethease report
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Promethease report
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Promethease report
Summary his v2 and comparisons with the whole family
Platform 23andMe v2

Manuel Corpas has released the genomes of himself and 4 family members under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license. He's blogged the details. This is probably the first whole family releasing their 23andMe genotypes to the public.


Here is a visualization of the family data.

These images show relationships between family members. One additional non-relative (User:Manu_Sporny) was included as a control. The data for corpas_son was run on a 23andMe v2, the others were run on a v3.

Change the radio button to '1' to see only chromosome 1. Change it to 'MT' to see the mitochrondrial.

A more detailed explanation of the images

1 pixel to 1 SNP. The axes are individuals. bright blue is an identical SNP, Red is a difference, Dark blue is a heterozygous half match.

Why do mom and son have different axis lengths on chromosome 1?

because son is a v2, the rest are v3. you'll note for chom2+ the son's data mostly failed. and that helps to explain the fail color vs black as 'unused pixels'