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Geno Mag Summary
(A;A) 2.1x increased risk for rheumatoid arthritis
(A;G) 1.4x increased risk for rheumatoid arthritis
(G;G) normal
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/141
is asnp
is mentioned by
dbSNP (classic)rs10818488
1000 genomesrs10818488
GWAS Ctlgrs10818488
Max Magnitude0
? (A;A) (A;G) (G;G) 28

rs10818488, a SNP located in between the C5 and TRAF1 genes, was identified as the SNP from this region showing maximal association with rheumatoid arthritis in a study of ~2000 Dutch, Swedish, and American patients. This study also reported that this SNP was significantly (p = 0.008) associated with increased disease progression as determined by radiographic damage over time in rheumatoid arthritis patients. 10.1371/journal.pmed.0040278

The risk allele for rs10818488 is the minor allele, (A). If (and as) reported from just the Dutch RA patients, the odds ratio associated with rs10818488(A;G) heterozygotes is 1.38 (CI 1.04-1.83, p = 0.027) and with rs10818488(A;A) homozygotes 2.06 (95% CI 1.42-2.98, p = 1.29E-3). Combining data from all 2,000 patients, the odds ratio associated with rs10818488(A) is 1.26 (CI 1.15-1.37, pcombined = 1.40E-8) with a population attributable fraction (or risk) of 6.1% (CI 4.0-8.5).

A study of RA patients from Crete also found that the rs10818488(A) allele represented increased risk for rheumatoid arthritis.[PMID 18625278]

A further study of 1,356 western Europeans confirmed the association between the rs10818488(A) allele and rheumatoid arthritis, finding that individuals with this allele have a 1.2x increased risk for the disease (CI: 1.04-1.5).[PMID 18759306]

[PMID 18593758] The rs10818488(A) allele was associated with the susceptibility to rheumatoid factor-negative polyarthritis with an 11% increase in allele frequency (OR 1.54, CI: 1.09 to 2.18, p = 0.012) in a study of 338 Caucasian patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Note that rs10818488 is reported to be in complete (100%) linkage disequilibrium with rs2416808, in other words, the genotype of one perfectly predicts the other.

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