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(C;C) 3 Normal (A2/A2)
(C;T) 2.9 A1/A2: Bad at avoidance of errors. 0.5x lower OCD risk, 0.87x lower Tardive Diskinesia risk, higher ADHD risk. More Alcohol Dependence. Lower risk of Postoperative Nausea. Increased obesity. Bupropion is not effective for smoking cessation.
(T;T) 4 A1/A1: Bad at avoidance of errors. 0.25x lower OCD; 0.56x lower Tardive Diskinesia; higher ADHD; 1.4x Alcohol Dependence; lower Postoperative Nausea; Increased obesity; less pleasure response; Bupropion ineffective for smoking cessation.; 2.4x risk for adenoma recurrence.
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/141
is asnp
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dbSNP (classic)rs1800497
1000 genomesrs1800497
GWAS Ctlgrs1800497
Max Magnitude4
? (C;C) (C;T) (T;T) 28

rs1800497, a SNP also known as the TaqIA (or Taq1A) polymorphism of the dopamine D2 receptor DRD2 gene (even though it is actually located over 10,000bp downstream of the gene), gives rise to the DRD2*A1 allele, whereas rs1800497(C) gives rise to the DRD2*A2 allele. The minor allele (i.e. A1, rs1800497(T)) is associated with a reduced number of dopamine binding sites in the brain [PMID 9672901], and it has been postulated to play a role in alcoholism, smoking, and certain neuropsychiatric disorders.

The reduced number of dopamine binding sites may play a role in nicotine addiction by causing an "understimulated" state that can be relieved by smoking (and/or use of other drugs).[PMID 8873216] It may also be associated with reduced response to errors and increased addictive behavior.[PMID 18063800]

A wide variety of reports have been published over more than ten years either linking rs1800497 to aspects of nicotine use and smoking cessation success, or finding no such association. A meta-analysis of 41 such studies published in 2004 concluded that overall the association of rs1800497 with such phenomena was statistically weak. [PMID 15370155] This same group published (in 2009) a study showing no association between rs1800497 and improved response to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), contrary to their previous study.[PMID 19273465]

More recently, a relatively large study of over 700 patients attempting to kick their smoking habit using the drug bupropion determined that smokers homozygous for the A2/A2 genotype were more successful than A1/A2 or A1/A1 individuals. The A2/A2 smokers were more than three times as likely, relative to placebo, to be abstinent at end of treatment (35.2% vs. 15.1%; odds ratio = 3.25, CI: 2.00-5.28) and at 6 months of follow-up (26.7% vs. 12.2%; odds ratio = 2.81, CI: 1.66-4.77), whereas not so much by 12 months (16.3% vs. 10.7%; OR = 1.70, CI: 0.95-3.05). Basically, A1/A2 and A1/A1 genotype smokers didn't gain anything from using bupropion versus placebo; bupropion only helped A2/A2 genotypes stop smoking. [PMID 18058343OA-icon.png]

In a study of individuals in the Polyp Prevention Trial with any, multiple (>/=2) or advanced colorectal adenoma recurrence after 4 years, compared to those without adenoma recurrence, rs1800497(T;T) individuals were significantly associated with all advanced adenoma recurrence (odds ratio 2.40, CI: 1.11-5.20). The authors speculate this increased risk of adenoma recurrence (and an association with colorectal cancer) may be related to SNP-associated differences in alcohol and fat intake.[19065655?dopt=Abstract PMID 19065655OA-icon.png]

A 2014 preliminary study links an individual's ANKK1 rs1800497 genotype as likely to experience greater positive subjective effects following cocaine exposure, including greater 'high' and 'like', and these individuals may have increased vulnerability to continue using cocaine or they may be at greater risk to relapse during periods of abstinence. The study states that replication of these findings is necessary to confirm these findings.[PMID 24528631OA-icon.png]

SNPs rs6276, rs6277, and rs1800497) in the human DRD2 gene are associated with decreased D2R expression and function, as well as high blood pressure. Data supports the hypothesis that D2R function has protective effects in human renal proximal tubule cells hRPTCs and suggest that carriers of these SNPs may be prone to chronic renal disease and high blood pressure. [PMID 24379187OA-icon.png]

SNPs, rs1800497 and rs2283265, located near and within the dopamine receptor 2 DRD2 gene, respectively, were significantly associated with improvements during working memory training (p < .003 and p < .0004, respectively). [PMID 24001007]

[PMID 18698520OA-icon.png] A small (54 patient) study of patients with traumatic brain injury concluded that carriers of rs1800497(A) alleles recover slower as assessed by memory and attention tests.

23andMe blog diminished pleasure response from food

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[PMID 22579533] Binge eating disorder and the dopamine D2 receptor: Genotypes and sub-phenotypes.

Risk Rs1800497(T;T)
Alt Rs1800497(T;T)
Reference Rs1800497(C;C)
Significance Drug-response
Disease Dopamine receptor d2 ethanol response - Toxicity/ADR clozapine response - Toxicity/ADR Bupropion response - Efficacy olanzapine response - Toxicity/ADR antipsychotics response - Toxicity/ADR Risperidone response - Toxicity/ADR
Variation info
Gene ANKK1
CLNDBN Dopamine receptor d2, reduced brain density of ethanol response - Toxicity/ADR clozapine response - Toxicity/ADR bupropion response - Efficacy olanzapine response - Toxicity/ADR antipsychotics response - Toxicity/ADR risperidone response - Toxicity/ADR
Reversed 1
HGVS NC_000011.9:g.113270828G>A
CLNSRC OMIM Allelic Variant PharmGKB Clinical Annotation UniProtKB (protein)
CLNACC RCV000002186.3, RCV000211175.1, RCV000211177.1, RCV000211274.1, RCV000211297.1, RCV000211357.1, RCV000211387.1,

[PMID 15146457] Identification and characterization of ANKK1: a novel kinase gene closely linked to DRD2 on chromosome band 11q23.1.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Avoidance of Errors

Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting

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