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Tegafur is a chemotherapeutic prodrug of 5-flourouracil (5-FU) used in the treatment of cancers. It is a component of the combination drug tegafur/uracil. When metabolised, it becomes 5-FU.Wikipedia

As a fluoropyrimidine, several genes (notably the DPYD and TPMT genes) are known to harbor nonfunctional alleles that predispose individuals administered tegafur to potentially severe or even fatal toxicity.

PGx Table for Tegafur
Genotype/Genoset Diplotype Gene Drug Use/Category/Class Medical Field Summary Descriptive Sentence
gs313 Normal metabolizer DPYD Chemotherapeutic Oncology Normal Response Expected You do not appear to carry any DPYD mutations linked to adverse side effects from tegafur use.
gs312 Intermediate Metabolizer DPYD Chemotherapeutic Oncology Consider Half-Dose and/or Pharmacokinetic Studies You carry a nonfunctional DPYD allele that increases your risk for a toxicity upon tegafur administration; consider starting at half-dose and/or doing pharmacokinetic studies.
gs306 Poor Metabolizer DPYD Chemotherapeutic Oncology Avoid 5-FU; use an alternative drug You may be at very high risk for severe toxicity from tegafur administration; all major drug regulatory agencies recommend you select a non-fluoropyrimidine alternative chemotherapeutic.