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Summary full sequence but no promethease

This user is intended to represent the DNA genotypes from Craig Venter. The full dataset can be explored at the huref genome browser or gbrowse.

The paper describing this project is published in this PLoS Biology article.

The sequence data associated with Venter's genome was released May 18, 2007, and is available via ftp

Similar data is also available for User:Watson

These alignments are real and have been generated by User:Cariaso based on public data. Each line represents either a sequence of Venter's (these contain the term "ti" in the identifier) or the sequence of the known SNP from dbSNP (these contain the term "dbSNP" in the identifier).

These alignments were built at relatively low stringency, so some sequences may have been falsely included. If you feel confident that some rows do not belong, feel free to edit this page and remove the rows, or the entire box. To learn more about the effect of each genotype, click on the rs# in the title of each box. The * along the bottom originally indicated where there was complete agreement for a column. Some rows which clearly didn't belong have already been hand edited.

Note that the primary data (the 32 million sequence reads) generated for Venter from his genome have not been publicly released; what has been released are the 1.25M assembled contigs derived from those reads.

Zoom into this very cool map of Venter's genome (note 90M pdf)

video of Venter being interviewed by 23andMe