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There are four main types of diabetes, with corresponding pages in SNPedia:

Type-1 diabetes: historically known as juvenile diabetes

Type-2 diabetes: historically known as adult-onset diabetes

Gestational diabetes: when non-diabetic pregnant women develop high blood sugar levels

Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY): relatively uncommon, dominantly inherited diabetes of at least 13 subtypes

Misc news/comments:

[1] Mutation in HNF4A associated with an increase in birthweight and Macrosomia (birthweight more than 4000g). A mutation in one gene HNF4A, associated with diabetes in the young, has been shown to be associated with an average increase in birthweight. Macrosomia is associated with complications for both mothers and babies; one cause of macrosomia is diabetes in the mother. The particular type of diabetes investigated in this study is known as maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) genes

[PMID 16933180] Haplotypes in the promoter region of the ADIPOQ gene are associated with increased Diabetes risk in a German Caucasian population.

[2] "According to Forbes some of the drug company giants are finally realizing that their genetic research is worth more if they give it away. 'Novartis, the Basel, Switzerland, drug giant, has helped uncover which of the 20,000 genes identified by the Human Genome Project are likely to be associated with diabetes. But rather than hoard this information, as drug firms have traditionally done, it is making it available for free on the World Wide Web. "It will take the entire world to interpret these data," says Novartis research head Mark Fishman. "We figure we will benefit more by having a lot of companies look at these data than by holding it secret."'"

rs10757274 and rs2383206 can double the risk of heart disease. About one in every four Caucasians are thought to carry the gene variants. rs10757278 in the same region has been linked to diabetes [3]

[PMID 17374705] suggest the contribution of rs237025 to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes susceptibility.