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(G;G) 0 common/normal
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/141
is asnp
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dbSNP (classic)rs20417
1000 genomesrs20417
23andMe allrs20417
GWAS Ctlgrs20417
Max Magnitude0
? (C;C) (C;G) (G;G) 28

rs20417, also known as -765G>C (and -899G >C in some older publications), is a SNP in the Prostaglandin endoperoxidase synthase 2 PTGS2 gene on chromosome 1.

[PMID 21063235OA-icon.png] A 2012 review of three of the most studied PTGS2 gene variants concluded the following about rs20417:

  • The C variant is associated with lower promoter activity compared with the G variant;
  • The C variant is found in a haplotype with -1195G>A (rs689466) in Pima Indians, Chinese Asians, and Australian Caucasians, and with -1290A>G (rs689465) in a Caucasian Australian population;
  • The epidemiological relevance of rs20417 is unclear and/or conflicting despite numerous studies (and this includes studies of myocardial infarction, diabetes, asthma, various cancers, and the use of NSAIDs to reduce coronary heart disease risk).

[PMID 12920574] In a group of Pima Indians, individuals with the variant PTGS2 rs20417 CC genotype had a 30% higher Type 2 diabetes prevalence compared with subjects with the GG genotype

[PMID 19488068] rs20417 was not found to be associated with prostate cancer in a large case-control study (n(cases)=1608, n(controls)=3058), nor in a meta-analysis of 3 other studies.

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